The NEPTUNE SB-1, by Thunder Tiger, is a ready-to-run model submarine. This model is ready to take to the depths of your local pond, lake or swimming pool. Equip this awesome model with the optional video system and you can view the mysteries of the deep with ease!



  • Overall length: 30 1/2
  • Beam: 11 3/8
  • Draft: 7 7/8
  • Height: 11 1/4
  • Normal operational depth: < 15
  • Drive motor: 540
  • Power supply: 12 volt battery


  • High impact ABS plastic hull
  • 12 volt propulsion power unit
  • Dual static and dynamic diving system
  • Ballast tank with roll pump and motor dive system
  • Full elevator and rudder controls
  • Auto-detect electronic protection system
  • 6-channel radio system on 75Mhz INCLUDED!
  • Built-in adjustable trim weights
  • Carrying handle INCLUDED!
  • 12 volt battery INCLUDED!

The NEPTUNE comes equipped with a powerful drive motor,  a fully functioning ballast system, battery, and even a 6-channel radio system. Custom stainless steel fittings and a robust pressure hull enable this model to easily dive to depths of 5 meters or more!
Great looks and the distinctive bright yellow coloring combine to give the NEPTUNE SB-1 that one-of-a-kind appearance that can't be missed at lake side.


Order yours today!

NEPTUNE SB-1(ready-to-run)

Please Note:       Unlike TOWER HOBBIES, we test each and every NEPTUNE to make sure it operates properly before we ship it to a customer!



Customize your NEPTUNE SB-1 with any of these accessories...

Color Video System for the NEPTUNE



Color Video Monitor with anti-glare cover, battery & charger
Color Micro CCD Camera
Camera bracket, adapter cable & waterproof fitting
45' of  ultra small diameter coax video cable

 Multi-function strobe and light board

Note:  Capturing the strobe flash in a photo was difficult.  This was captured on the third try...  The strobe can be seen through the center port.  There is one strobe light on each side behind the center ports.  The main flood lights and the starboard (green) navigational light are also on in this photo.  This photo does not accurately represent how bright the strobe lights are. The strobe lights in this kit are nearly as bright as a camera flash unit.  This photo was taken in a partially darkened room supplemented with a camera flash.  All the lights are operated via an electronic switch.  The strobe lights are operated separately from the flood & navigation lights.

Our NEW multi-function light board drives (2) ultra bright, high intensity wide angle LEDs that produce a brilliant double white flash.  The LEDs have a square base and are pre-mounted on micro pc boards that can be mounted directly to the inside of the outer hull.  In addition, the timing of the double flash is adjustable for both delay and frequency.


  • 12 volt operation @ <100ma
  • Dual ultra bright White double flashing LEDs.
  • Dual Red flashing LEDs.
  • Red & Green LEDs.
  • Can drive up to 6 additional white LEDs


Comes in both 5 and 12 volt versions!



Flood light Unit

Each flood light pod is made up of (4) 10mm, 390,000MCD Ultra Bright LED's with a viewing angle of 40 degrees and a color temperature of 9000K. This ultra bright flood light unit yields a total illumination rating over 1,500,000MCD! 

Pre-wired and ready to install. Mounting bracket included.  Each flood light pod draws approximately 200ma @ 12 volts. 

Two of these units will supply enough light to allow the operation of the color video system at night!


Do not look directly into flood lights when turned on, can cause eye damage!

This photo shows (2) flood light units mounted to the bow of the NEPTUNE.  There is enough room for (4) flood lights on the bow of the NEPTUNE!

A close up of the port side flood light.

Both flood lights are on.  Picture taken with the workshop lights on.

Both flood lights on.  Photo taken in a completely dark room.  The flood lights are so bright that the automatic camera flash unit did not go off!


Do not look directly into flood lights when turned on, can cause eye damage!


$39.00 each





Navigation light kit

Pre-wired red (port) & green (starboard) LED's add realism to your SB-1.  Each light set draws 20ma @ 12 volts.


Green (starboard) light can be seen in the upper portion of the right photo.  The Red (port) light can be seen in the photo on the left.


1" Round Spot Light

Each Spot light has (8) high intensity, ultra bright 5mm, 28,500 MDC LEDs with a viewing angle of only 15 degrees!  Each spot light yields nearly  230,000 MCD!  These spot lights are only 1" in diameter and 1.5" long! 

Because of the very narrow viewing angle they seem just as bright as our flood lights.

Pre-wired and ready to install. Mounting bracket included.  Each spot light draws approximately 90ma @ 12 volts. 


Do not look directly into spot lights when turned on, can cause eye damage!




Coming Soon BOW Lighting Package.


Available Late July or Early August.

Mike's Subworks  ESwitch-5

Electronic switch for use with any of our light kits for the NEPTUNE SB-1.  Now you can operate 2 sets of lights from one of the 2-position toggle switches on the SEA COMMANDER radio.  Simple installation.  Latched or momentary operation. (Latched operation recommended).

Photo coming soon!

High performance 4-bladed propeller for the NEPTUNE $30.00
An Important Note:

The NEPTUNE SB-1 comes pre-trimmed (weighted).  When adding accessories, ballast weights will need to be removed and the remaining weights shifted slightly aft. The NEPTUNE seen in these photos has had (3) of the small weight disks removed to compensate for the additional weight of the lighting systems seen in these photos.  In addition, the remaining ballast weights located in the center section of the model were shifted aft approximately 1 1/2". 

All models will need to be re-trimmed depending on accessories installed.


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